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The Face Behind The Case

You’re probably wondering, how did this chick come up with this?

Here’s my story….

I can tell you this entire brand would not be possible if I hadn’t chosen a spiritual journey towards health and happiness. I made a choice to face the fear within myself of ‘I can’t, its too much money, how will I find time, no one is going to buy them’ the poor me sad story, and instead decided to do everything I could to create the best silk pillowcase, and walk into the fear of creating another business, on my own, for myself. 

Why did I decide on a silk pillowcase? I’ve been a hairstylist for 16 years, owned my own salon Maison Le Drew Costello now for 5 years, and got tired of hearing my clients tell me my blowdry doesn’t last, my hairs frizzy, my scalps so dry and itchy, my ends keep breaking. Having a mostly blonde clientele who genuinely take great care of their hair,  I racked my brain around how can I help these women who are using all the proper hair care, proper hair maintenance I recommend, and it clicked… a treatment that didn’t involve the shower, Sunday nights, or a trip to see me, a pillowcase!

So there goes nerdy me, doing research, getting the facts, what is the best quality, embroidery, who is the best, all the qualities and characteristics of silk.  I needed to know I could be myself and offer something no one else does to my clients, and other women suffering from a lack of beauty sleep. I wanted to create a brand that represents the growth I have made, stay true to who I am and what I love, and have something women of all ages can experience and benefit from while they sleep.

Why the name? Driving my car home one day thinking what word would look good, and hilarious on a pillowcase, how will it represent me, what do I love, everyone knows I love, and it just clicked, butter. With a period. I love butter, I put it on everything, and in everything. I call my blondes butter, I tell my friends to butter it up, and what does silk feel like? butter. Bam. Amazing.

What made me choose the colours? Each pillowcase represents the crystal bracelets I wear; Rhodonite, Labradorite, and White Jade. I have learned through my journey to dream, grieve, balance, love, forgive, accept, and breathe.

So, here it is…. enjoy your butter. silk pillowcase


Ceilidh Costello

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