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The Butter Guide To Hair Brushes

The Butter Guide To Hair Brushes

Often overlooked, the type of brushes you use to manage and detangle your hair can significantly impact your precious locks from roots to tips. We at butter strongly believe that brushing your hair isn't at all a no-brainer — just like how you go about selecting the right leave-in and styling products for your hair, brushes deserve just as much thought.

With each hairbrush designed to serve a specific purpose for each hair type and style, opting for the wrong brush can make or break the health and fashion of your hair. We were actively brainstorming new ways for you to brush your hair safely and confidently without compromise. Until the newness comes, below is a sweet and short butter-y guide on shopping for our current hair brushes.

Detangling Brush
Hair Type: Fine, Thick and Curly
Best for Detangling hair wet and dry fine hair

In case you didn't know, your hair is at its most fragile state when it's wet. So to prevent breakage, you're going to want a brush that is specifically designed to release any knots or tangles right after shampooing. While many detangling brushes come in various shapes and forms, they are typically made with wide-tooth bristles that can easily undo stubborn knots. Because the bristles are super firm, they can also help add additional volume to dry fine hair. Hair Stylist-approved, the butter Detangling Brush is specially designed for gentle detangling and quick drying. It features an open-vented design for fast moisture release and heat-safe nylon bristles.

Wide Tooth Comb

Hair Type: All
Best For Detangling wet hair

While it may not look like much(likely the most overlooked hairbrush of them all), a wide-tooth comb is a must-have tool to have in your roster of beauty tools. It's great for safely combing out wet hair and distributing leave-in hair treatments on damp hair, and gently smoothing out styled hair throughout the day. Not only a beauty, but our static-free Buttercream Comb also features optimal teeth spacing to detangle hair without snagging gently. Not only is it the most beautiful styling tool you'll have in your collection, but it is also made from solid premium acetate — a plant-based, eco-friendly plastic alternative

Scalp Massager

Hair Type: All
Best for promoting hair growth and in-shower scalp exfoliation

As its name insists, these hand-held brushes work to both stimulate blood flow for hair growth and exfoliate the scalp while offering a relaxing massage experience. The butter Scalp Brush is designed to aid in cleansing the scalp — gently exfoliating debris, dead skin cells, excess oil, and product build-up. Use it with scalp scrubs and shampoos!


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